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The numerous consultants, partners, employees, collaborators and customers are the basis for the success of a mechanism that works like a clock.

I was incredibly lucky to have met extraordinary people in the path of my life that have inspired me, advised me, trained me and have helped to increase my experiential background, to develop ideas, and to realize projects with stubbornness, commitment and seriousness.

More than anything else, I strongly believe in friendship, in the solidity of human values, in loyalty and commitment to quality, resources and excellence.

Manuele Alessi



Manuele Alessi a Milano quartiere isola

Manuele Alessi is a successful entrepreneur of the Italian “Luxury experience”. He played a strategic role in the development of accommodation facilities on a national level.

He is considered a highly respected and renowned residential and commercial developer. Born from the founder of Alessi Pubblicità, he has developed a managerial and business development sense from a young age. In fact, Alessi has been working in Milan for 19 years. He has experienced important developments in the Milan Skyline, analysing the flows of the market with excellent insights. For this reason, Alessi has always been driven by strong entrepreneurial interests.

So in Milan, he increased his culture and experience. He has increased his knowledge in international economics, business strategy, building constructions and financial management.

After acquiring a vast land plot at the gates of Milan, Alessi has built buildings of over 150 homes, a Residence, and sold more than 80% of the facilities. It has already achieved excellent results in the first two years. His passion for investments has grown over time.

The study of real estate flows has guided him in business strategies. In 2008, despite the crisis in the real estate market worldwide, Manuele Alessi had an intuition. Conversion of residential structures into accommodation facilities. Therefore he began to analyse the American market and found his source of inspiration there.

In this way Alessi began collaborations with the United States, (born by chance). And successively became the inspiration for a new way of real estate market. The one dedicated to experiential tourism.

Moreover, in 2008 he began converting dozens of apartments into accommodation facilities (of the family group). So he activated National and International channels. Even more, it has acquired exponentially a large number of high-level accommodation facilities.

Manuele Alessi Hemerald Group

Manuele Alessi has developed many contacts and collaborations at national and international level. He is specialized in real estate investment dedicated to luxury summer.

Alessi has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He is in fact CEO & Founder of a platform exclusively dedicated to tourist rentals in collaboration with the most important international OTAs.

He is the founder of a company platform dedicated to luxury summer investments. Finally, he is also CEO & Founder of a platform dedicated to a national “luggage station” service with hundreds of stations scattered throughout Italy.

Manuele Alessi has become a point of reference for entrepreneurs in Milan over time, subsequently expanding into the national territory. In fact, it has achieved excellent results in the most important Italian cities.

Manuele Alessi is highly regarded by Airbnb. He has been awarded as a super host. Selected among the best hosts to represent the experiential tourism from Skyscanner and Airbnb in Sicily. It is among the first hosts in Italy where its facilities have also become part of the prestigious Airbnb circuit. This is the branch of Airbnb dedicated to the most beautiful structures selected at the world level. In fact, at the highest residential building in Italy (Solaria), in one of the houses of its circuit, the first launch of Airbnb Plus took place in Italy to the national press.

Alessi is a point of reference for the management of  “Short term rentals” at the Porta Nuova skyscrapers in Milan, because it has had the privilege of being selected among the most reliable.

Manuele Alessi has participated as a speaker at countless congresses at national and world level dedicated to tourism. It has achieved recent successes in the development of participation in the development of Bio Resorts in Italy. It has also developed an Italian-American channel for investments in Italy and the United States.

Moreover, Manuele Alessi is today one of the first advocates of Robotics in the tourism sector in Italy. Finally he is a great fan of motorcycling at a competitive level in Europe.

Altour Group

Altour Group


Manuele Alessi - Bosco Verticale Milano

HEMERALD manages properties, private residences and luxury resorts through a single brand. This is to guarantee high standard experiences in all the accommodation facilities of the circuit.  Through its own structure of qualified House Managers, Hemerald is able to transform simple stays into experiences, offering unique concierge services.

Hemerald organization

The company transforms real estate investments into high-level accommodation facilities for experiential tourism.

Experience in the sector

The experience is wide around the field of property investment.  Manuele Alessi is an entrepreneur who wanted to specialize in luxury management. Therefore he knows the Italian market very well. Moreover, it specializes in developing unique and tailor-made strategies on a wide variety of products and types of properties.  “We have a strong bond of cooperation between the United States and Europe. We help our customers to invest their business also in the Italian market. Furthermore, well-informed real estate decisions start with a solid business strategy. So, I commit my knowledge, experience and resources to help customers make the right decisions. Finally, with my experience and my industry know-how, we can concentrate on core business activities. ”

-Manuele Alessi-

Hemerald customers

Currently, we follow Italian investors and also from countries like the United States and Central Europe.

House Manager

The House Manager is the “personal local manager” of a structure assigned to him in the various cities in which the group operates. Furthermore, within the group, he coordinates the technical activities of the facilities assigned to him. Responsible for the reception and well-being of the guests, because it improves the experiential experience.

Manuele Alessi


Suitelowcost is a consolidated booking portal since 2008. The name of the portal came from a market study 10 years ago, where suites were sought at a low-cost price. It is therefore today much appreciated by guests for esc services.

It is dedicated to homeowners, Hosts, investors who intend to rent their properties for short periods.  It provides services dedicated to the main OTAs such as Airbnb, and collaborates with them through various activities. The portal, through the development of a complete and dedicated software, provides integrative services in the management of the announcements. Property management is totally dedicated to the tourism sector.  In addition, Suitelowcost differentiates itself from other portals because it follows real estate investments and helps transform accommodation facilities. It manages online reservations, and can also take care of the bureaucracy in the management of short-term rentals. It also embraces branches such as financial administration and legal management.



Manuele Alessi

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